Sapphire Engagement Rings - Why choose Sapphire Engagement Ring

Published: 07th January 2010
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Sapphire engagement rings are known for their strength, lustrous beauty and versatility. These gorgeous rings are made with beautiful coloured stone that will change color with the light. Sapphire represents the pureness of soul, fellowship, loyalty, sympathy and harmony. These pieces are meant to last a life-time. Sapphire is a really valuable stone. It has got a hardness of 9 on the Moh's scale, which implies a awfully sturdy gemstone when used in rings.

There are a few significant sapphire deposits around the globe and united states is one of them, particularly in Gem Mountain and in the Missouri river near Helena, Montana.
Sapphires are commonly treated with heat to improve the color and clarity. It is computed that 99% of sapphires used in jewellery are heat-treated. The unheated 1 percent is considered extraordinarily rare.

There's a variety of sapphire that exhibits different colors in different light. This rare sort of sapphire is commonly known as color change sapphire. It's blue in the sunlight and purple under incandescent indoor light. Color changes could also be pink in sunlight to greenish under fluorescent light.
Another variety is the star sapphire, which shows six-rayed 'star'-shaped pattern when viewed with a single overhead light source. This variety exhibits a star-like phenomenon known as asterism, which is an optical phenomenon show of a reinforced reflective area in the shape of a star. Asterism, aside from the carat weight, color and visibility, define the price of a star sapphire.
The rarest assortment of sapphire is the velvety, intense, medium-range blue. Blue sapphire is the normal gemstone for the 5th and forty-fifth wedding anniversaries and the birthstone for Sep.

Sapphire can be discovered in different colours except red, which is essentially the gemstone ruby. There are blue, green, orange, red, pink, pinkish-orange, purple, yellow and even colorless sapphires. It also happens in the non-spectral shades gray and black. Blue is the most well liked, while colors aside from blue are referred to as fancy sapphires.

1. Sapphire is among the four valuable stones. Sapphire has the combination of beauty, rarity and high sturdiness that makes it so cherished.
2. Sapphire engagement rings are available in many different colours. Sapphire offers a wide selection of colours and each particular color comes in numerous shades. Colours range between dark purple, to light brown, to deep orange. Blue is also the hottest color choice for sapphire engagement rings, which can change color with the light.

3. Sapphire engagement rings are less certain to chip than diamonds. Though not as hard and as tough as diamond, sapphire is less sure to chip than diamonds. This is as diamonds can be damaged when struck sharply in a certain direction. Therefore , sapphire engagement rings are the wiser choice as engagement rings are susceptible to chips and scratches.
4. Sapphire engagement rings can be more durable than ruby engagement rings. Though sapphire and ruby are both varieties of the mineral corundum and both have a toughness of 9, rubies aren't as durable as other sapphires.

Some are cut into faceted shapes, while others are cut in a domed shape. There are conventional rounded rectangle and oval shapes, triangle, pear shape and the classic marquise cut.

Tips on buying sapphire engagement rings :

When purchasing a sapphire engagement ring, inspect the stone by natural daylight. Check if the stone show a uniform color.
2. Select a sapphire engagement ring with only one to five carats sapphire gemstone as bigger sapphires are far more susceptible to damages.
3. Choose the one with a safer setting, like bezel.

Ensure that it fits well and feel comfortable on the finger.

Costs can change from relatively inexpensive to the dearer range.

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